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Using the Part Source "Safe Buy" system

Part Source, via its websites, offers a secure way to pay for parts before actually having seen the part(s)

Part Source offers a "Safe Buy" service whereby anybody intending to buy a part from any of the Part Source members may deposit the money with Part Source for safekeeping until the part has arrived with the buyer and the buyer is satisfied with the part(s). The buyer must than give Part Source the OK to release the money. Should the buyer not be happy with the purchase, part(s) must be returned to the supplier in the same condition it was received and once the supplier indicates that the part(s) has been received back in stock will money be refunded to the buyer.

Note: Not all members of Part Source are willing to work using this system and in this case we suggest that you do not use the supplier.

Herewith follow the general rules applied by most suppliers of good used vehicle parts but these do need to be verified with each supplier prior to purchase.The general rules below will in no way overrule the contents of the first paragraph of the above conditions of use of the Part Source service.

  1. Part(s) correctly supplied can not be returned. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that correct details are supplied with respect to Make, Model and Year of manufacture and supply part numbers wherever this is possible. The supply of part numbers or/and photographs is strongly recommended.
  2. Electrical parts can normally not be returned. (You may request a list of parts that resort under this heading - and you will need to clear this out with the supplier)
  3. If parts have not been correctly supplied they may normally be returned (within 7 days from date of dispatch) under the following conditions.
    1. The Seller reserves the right to replace the part with the correct one within a period of 30 (thirty) days from date incorrect parts are received back in the designated store.
    2. Should the part not be available, money will be refunded on the condition that the part(s) has/have been received back in actual supplier's designated store and after inspection is/has been found to be in the same condition as when sent. (This rule has to be cleared with each supplier prior to purchase)
    3. Should part(s) sent be found faulty or incorrect and buyer does not want to receive a replacement, a refund (if applicable) will be made subject to a 10% handling charge. (Incorrect parts need to be identified prior to fitment and/or put into operation - parts which have been put in operation and then deemed or found to be the incorrect part(s) cannot be returned under any circumstances).
    4. Any cost incurred other than the purchase of the part will not be part of any guarantee supplied. Should the incorrect part be supplied or found to be faulty labour cost incurred for fitting and dismantling cannot be claimed and will be for the buyer's account.
  4. All transport costs for returned parts are for the buyers account when parts were supplied correctly according to the buyers instructions. In the event where the supplier sent the incorrect part(s) the return transport cost should be for the account of the supplier. (this needs to be negotiated when ordering the part(s))
  5. No responsibility will be accepted for the time taken for courier to deliver parcels.
  6. Any guarantees supplied with any mechanical parts will be subject to the conditions as supplied by the actual supplier of the part(s) and with proof that part(s) have been fitted by a qualified mechanic/technician.
  7. Glass items are not covered for breakages and must be ensured by the buyer for transit and installation.

All Safe Buy money may be deposited into the following banking account

All payments will be acknowledged via e-mail or fax if the communication details are supplied.