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About us

Part Source started in 1992 as a public service aimed at helping people find affordable spare automotive parts.

Originally a telephonic service, Part Source has grown into the internet age and now offers a wide range of services to the dismantling industry. These services encompass web hosting, point-of-sale systems, sales leads, and more.

The Find-A-Spare service (Previously 1 Call) today distributes sales leads in excess of R3 million per month. It is a known fact that almost any spare is available somewhere, but where to start looking is and will always be the main problem.

To overcome this problem we invite everybody and anybody to use the Find-A-Spare service and let us know what spares you require. We will take this information, together with your name and number, and transmit this to all the participating scrapyards. Whomever has the spares will than make contact with you and negotiate price, method of payment and delivery.